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Raised so far

  • 750 donors
  • 24 fundraisers

About us

For 150 years,VSA, has helped thousands of  vulnerable children, adults and families living in our communities across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. At VSA we support a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing through a range of residential and outreach support services.

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that 98p in every pound generated in support of VSA is spent on direct charitable activities.

Across all of our service areas we support the most vulnerable people in our communities living with:

  • Complex learning needs
  • A mental health diagnosis
  • Loneliness & isolation
  • Additional support needs
  • Addiction (Drgus and Alcohol)
  • Poverty

Through these services, VSA supports the most vulnerable people in Aberdeen to develop the skills, opportunities, experiences, and environment they need to realise their dreams and lead more independent and integrated lives.

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