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Sam & Andy Maccallum

Sam & Andy Climb Kilimanjaro in aid of VSA



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Hi my name is Sam Maccallum, this September I am climbing Kilimanjaro with my husband Andy by my side. We are aiming to raise £9.200 to go towards VSA's target of £3.2million to build a mental well-being facility in the heart of Aberdeen.

Our daughter suffers from mental health issues and there is a distinct lack of facilities for this type of illness. She at the age of 21 gave birth to her twin boys at 26 weeks gestation. The births were traumatic and have left her suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. 

We were shocked to find out how little support there is out there for people suffering from mental health issues. Having talked to many people since the twins were born it has been highlighted to us that many people would benefit greatly from this new planned facility. This spurred us on to get off our backsides and do something about it.

We are not the type to ask for help usually, however, we really are pleading with you to dig deep and donate what you can to help us meet and even beat out target. 

Please, let's start changing the lives of the people who suffer mental heath issues.


Our Challenge

September 25th 2020 - 5 day trek to the highest free standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895m

Our personal fundraising target £4,600 each = £9,200

All in aid of VSA Mental Health Campaign


About VSA and the #changinglives campaign

People living with a mental health condition can see and hear the world differently. All aspects of life are affected and can make simple everyday activities, like walking to the shops, handling money and communicating with people a very daunting and challenging task.

Sadly 1 in 3 adults are diagnosed with a mental health condition every year. Conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal feelings and eating disorders are to name a few. A mental health condition can affect anyone regardless of their age.

In April 2019 VSA announced their Changing Lives Campaign. We aim to fundraise an ambitious £3.2 million to build a new mental wellbeing facility in the heart of Aberdeen. The facility will be just off Holburn Street and the corner of Abergeldie Road. The purpose-built facility will have 20 en-suite bedrooms with a small kitchen area and lounge, communal lounge, dining room etc. The building has been designed in consultation with the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership and will be using the latest technologies to not only deliver better outcomes for people who need this service but will also meet our environmental objectives. For example, the roof will have solar panels installed so that the building has a renewable source of energy which will reduce electricity bills and feedback any unused power to the grid. The new residential facility will provide adults with mental health conditions with a comfortable, homely and safe place to live.

An expanded mental wellbeing outreach support service will also be located and run from this facility. The outreach service will support up to 40 adults at one time living with a mental health condition, helping them to live in their own homes; but also, to be an active member of the local community and not suffer social isolation as a result of their illness. The service will aim to promote independence and community integration using our highly regarded recovery-based model.

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Trek Kilimanjaro

Welcome to our Trek Kilimanjaro Charity Checkout page. Thank you for supporting our group of intrepid explorers who are embarking upon a trek of a lifetime in conjunction with Discovery Adventure. This is where the journey starts…….. #Killi #TeamVSA #ChangingLives